Cafe Mannum Pizza Menu

Menu as at 1st May 2017
10% Surcharge applies to this menu on public holidays


T = tomato base, B = bbq sauce G = garlic oil


TRADITIONAL:   9inch | 12    12inch | 15 15inch | 19

Hawaiian (T)
Shaved smokey ham, pineapple and cheese

Margherita (T)
Roast tomato base, mozzarella, fresh tomato and basil oil

Pepperoni (T)
Sliced pepperoni, herbs and cheese


GOURMET:   9inch | 16 12inch |18     15inch | 23

Ferryman’s (T)
Shaved smokey ham, pineapple, pepperoni, spanish onion, mushroom, capsicum, olives, anchovies and cheese

BBQ chicken (T & B)
Diced chicken, pineapple, bacon, mushroom, spanish onion, cheese and BBQ sauce

Meatlovers (T & B)
Shaved smokey ham, chicken, pepperoni, sausage, beef, spanish onion, cheese and BBQ sauce

Murraylands (T)
Diced chicken, baby spinach, spanish onion, mushroom, olives, roasted pumpkin and herbs

Smoked Salmon (T)
Tomato, spanish onion, capers, cheese, fresh rocket, smoked salmon

Vegetarian (T)
Pumpkin, spinach, capsicum, mushroom, onion, fetta

Prosciutto and Caramelised Onion (G)
Onion, Prosciutto, Rocket

Cajun Chicken (T)
Chicken, cheese, cajun spices, spinach, sweet chilli, sour cream


Gluten free bases available in 9inch only

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