Instagram-able Mannum - your best photo ops!

Don’t forget your camera when you head out and about in Mannum, especially in our top Instagram-able spots.

The Murray River
Within relatively short distances the scenery changes from willow lined banks to mighty cliffs then back to magnificent gum tree lined banks and rural scenery. Turn the next corner, and the scene may repeat itself, or be completely different. 

Sunrise or Sunset
Enjoy and capture some of the most amazing colourful and serene sunrises and sunsets along the Murray River.

Mannum Falls
The picturesque Mannum waterfalls will reward the adventurous, particularly in the winter months when the falls are flowing. 

Bird Life
Get up close and personal with nature.  The Murray River is home to unique birdlife, and spectacular flora and fauna along the riverbanks.

Paddle Boats on the Murray
Paddle steamers and paddle boats have been on the Murray River and the Murray-Darling Basin since 1853 when William Randell launched the first steamer the P.S. Marry Ann near Mannum, South Australia.  Today the paddle boats are still an amazing site as they cruise up and down the river. 

Things to see and do in Mannum

There is plenty to see and do in and around Mannum, we have compiled our top 5

Mannum Waterfalls

During the winter season the waterfalls in Mannum are spectacular!

The waterfalls are fed from the Adelaide foothills in Reedy Creek which is a 5-minute drive on the Mannum to Murray Bridge Road from the township of Mannum.  This is the ideal place for a picnic while you take in the stunning surrounds.  Hikers love the terrain or for a leisurely walk it is quite easy around the basin or top area. 

Cruising the Murray River

Taking a cruise down the Murray River is one of the most amazing and surprising experience you’ll ever have.

The Murray River carves its way through our contrasting landscape and you will discover a new part of the world that is peaceful and allows you to reconnect with yourself, family and friends.

See links to cruises below

Pw Mayflower Cruises

Four Knot Cruises

Historic Walks

Take off on three historic walks depicting the rich cultural history of Mannum;

The Randell Walk: 
Duration: 1 - 1 1/2 hours
Grade: Difficult in parts

W. R. Randell built the first paddle steamer to ply the River Murray - the 'Mary Ann'. Born in England, he was the son of a Gumeracha miller. The needs of pastoralists along the river enabled him to develop a thriving freight business.

Randell built the Woolshed, the first building in Mannum, in 1854. He subdivided land, brought the Mannum Dock from Milang, and was largely responsible for the present location of Mannum, for the town grew up around his business.

The Shearers Walk:
Duration: 40 minutes to an hour
Grade: Average - some slopes

Brothers David and John Shearer were invited to come to Mannum by farmers in the area. They began their business in a small blacksmith's shop at the top of Randell Street, moving once more before opening a factory opposite the now bowling club. Their innovative machinery revolutionised farming.

The Arnold Walk:
Duration:  1-2 hours
Grade:  Easy, relatively flat

Johan Georg Arnold, known as George, arrived in Murray Bridge in 1899 with qualifications allowing him to captain any ship throughout the world. he was first employed on the Tyro' under Captain Murray Randell, but soon became a ship owner and builder in Mannum, obtaining contracts from the government also engaging in salvage work.


The Bend Motorsport Park

The Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend

Did you know The Bend at Tailem Bend is just 45 minutes from Mannum? Taking inspiration from some of the world’s most iconic racing facilities, The Bend is Australia’s only race circuit that complies with FIA Grade 2 and FIM Category A standards. The circuits consist of 80 hectares of challenging race and training tracks, including 4wd tracks with rock and log obstacles, various inclines and descents, water and mud courses. Expect to see car (V8 Supercars) and motorcycle racing, drag racing, rallycross and off-road as well as carting, drifting and driver training. For more information on The Bend event line up and experiences visit their website.

2018 line up:

12 April - The Champions Dinner

13 April – Shannon’s Nationals 2018

19 April – FIM ARRC & ASBK Double Header

24 August The Bend Supercars Supersprints

Photography Tours

Mannum Motel owner manager Dave Hartley offers a range of photography tours throughout the region - knowing most photographers are looking for different experiences, we can tailor a tour to suit budgets, experience, experiences, time frames, individuals or groups.


Experiences offered

Ruins - old homesteads, buildings, shearing sheds, windmills

Bird watching/photography

Night sky - stars - with or without foreground subjects - dark sky reserve

Old and rusty vehicles and machinery

River scenes or river cruises

Sunrise and Sunsets

River red gums, trees and mallee scrub

Kangaroos and wombats


Hills, 4wd tours, gorges, waterfalls and creeks

While Dave is a experienced photographer, and happy to help out with  ideas, composition and general camera settings, he can also organise workshops with experienced training photographers Steve Chapple or Pete Dobre to help take you to the next level.

Please email with a request or outline of the experiences you would like during a photography tour and we will respond with a package that suits.



See and do around Mannum

Coming Up - 

Mannum Dock Museum - Discover the history of the river, the river boat trade and the river floods that have shaped our history.  See and feel  what it is like to to be a paddle boat captain in the interactive display - Explore the Ps Marion, or take a cruise on the Paddle wheeler Pw Mayflower (early 2017) - open every day - 

First Sunday of each month - Mannum Markets  - - Cafe Mannum live music market days

Four knot cruises - show casing Mannum from the river - For more details - click Here